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Why don’t people go to church anymore ?

Why don’t people go to church, or even more to the point, why don’t Christians go to Church?  There are hundreds of Christians who only go to conferences to enjoy the thrills of the moment.  When I was young, it was all about living the life and winning people for Jesus at evangelistic events.  Now it is all about me getting blessed.  It should be both.

So, why are people not coming to our services?  Many have no need for God in
their comfortable lives.  If Heaven is real, and God is a god of love then they think they will be let in if they smile nicely.  This is commonly believed by many.  Maybe the current down turn in the financial market will turn then to God  –  maybe.  I still think we should do it the way Jesus did which was teaching and miracles.  You can’t really have one without the other.  Miracles alone won’t save anyone.  Teaching  alone just fills their heads with knowledge.

Sadly, the church is weak and falls for the latest   charlatan on the block who can put on a good show.  The  latest one  has  been  caught  in  sexual sin as are many others.  The devil uses this weapon to     destroy ministers and pastors.  The Church is looking for a new gimmick which is why it got itself into the mess with Todd Bentley offering extra Biblical stuff which was great fun but not of God. God is not offering anything new unless it is in the Bible.  Paul said that!  He offers us the power of His Spirit to live and work here to spread the good news to the people of this country.  New gimmicks are fun for the Church but have next to no impact on those outside who have their own magic men.  God is looking for  obedient leaders who will preach the truth, live the life and encourage their people.

In the difficult days to come the Church can take back the voluntary work  the state took over.  We can run the youth clubs, the children’s homes, the old people’s homes and services to show we care and have a greater impact on modern society.  Do you think we can do it?


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