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Festival Praise

took place in the Plas de Marines on Sunday 23rd June. I was asked to write and read a poem on the theme of Past and Future which is the theme of the festival this year. I am no poet, so this offering was written as the spirit led, so to speak. This is it.

Yesterday, Today and Forever


God never changes; He’s always the same,


As in the past, we can call on His name.


Wherever we go and whatever we do,


He’s always beside us because nothing is new


We are told not to worry because that is a sin,


So we can tell Him about it and then we shall win.


The battle is always not to doubt but to trust


Because God is our Father and He’s always just.


As in the past, He has always been there


So in the future, we can rely on His care


Let’s get out our mobiles and dial up His number


Don’t be complacent; it’s easy to slumber.


So what can we say at the end of the day


When life just seems to be ebbing away?


Our future is glorious in the place God’s prepared


With flowers and trees and our body repaired.